Manage, recruit, share: managed service as a central value in the business world

The HR HOME company, as its name implies, is a home of human resources for leading companies in the fields of technology and high-tech in Israel. Thanks to a wide range of managed services and end-to-end business consulting, she records successes and proves that the sky is not the limit for her either.

The labor market contains a wide range of challenges. It is full of changes and dealing with countless tasks and functions, a situation that leads many companies and organizations to seek help from professional and proven parties in the business world.

From an attempt to fill this void for many employers, HR HOME was born, or in free translation in Hebrew "Human Resources Home".

The company was founded in 2018 by Limor Aloni-Sharaf, a human resources expert with two decades of experience in the fields of business development and human resources management for growing companies.

HR HOME, which operates two branches in Hod Hasharon and Yokneam, was established on the basis of a global model of companies that provide strategic service to organizations, with an emphasis on clients from the worlds of technology and high-tech, from start-ups in formation to global companies, including Invidia, Rafael, Qualcomm, Breezometer, which like many Others, it accompanies by providing a package of managed services and business consulting, including solutions in the areas of human resources, recruitment and placement.

"The idea is to characterize and establish for each client a work strategy that is adapted to the needs and goals they face," says the company's founder, Limor Aloni-Sharaf.

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