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recruitment & HR project management

Establishing and managing an outsourced recruitment team, and a solution for temporary employment.​

Outsourced employment- contractor employees

Employ skilled professionals as contractors, providing flexibility and expertise without the administrative burden of direct employment.

Outsourced employment-expert services

Access specialized services by outsourcing expert roles, allowing your organization to benefit from experienced professionals without long-term commitments.

Custom projects

Characterization and construction of dedicated teams according to client requirements. Recruitment and management of a skilled and professional staff for the needs of the project.

A professional team that accompanies you

Outsourcing solutions

The E2E company accompanies recruitment processes and provides a complementary solution for the outsourcing of contract workers and expert services in the technological field, administration and staff.

Real people working for you

The E2E advantage

Expertise and Experience

Access specialist knowledge and experience by outsourcing recruiting and hiring services, ensuring high-quality talent management.

Focus on Core Activities

Optimize operations and achieve strategic goals by outsourcing HR and recruitment services, allowing businesses to concentrate on core activities.

Complete Solution

E2E provides end-to-end solutions, from recruitment to HR management, streamlining the entire process and ensuring comprehensive support for clients.

Practical Outsourcing for All Sizes

Whether a small business or a large corporation, outsourcing HR and recruitment to E2E is an effective and practical solution for all

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"Extraordinary entry of the Recruiting Team"

I highly recommend HR Home, a top HR E2E services provider for global companies. Their skilled professionals offer exceptional consulting, mentoring, and outsourcing services tailored to specific needs. HR Home enhances HR capabilities through mentoring programs and ensures efficient operations with outsourcing services. With professionalism and a genuine commitment to success, HR Home is an ideal partner for optimizing HR strategies.
Guy Starovisky
Senior Director, Programs Management @ Lumenis
Limor's exceptional support and understanding of our requirements led to an extraordinary entry of the Recruiting and Sourcing Team. The service surpassed any previous contractor experiences, becoming integral to achieving and surpassing our recruitment goals for the year. In 2022, we hired 79 employees, transforming our perception of partnerships with external vendors and redefining our understanding of contractor services.
Sivan Karabaki
Head of HR @ Beyeonics

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