HR Consulting for C Level

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Characterization of the construction of work plans for a company under construction, recruitment of management and implementation of organizational processes.

Growing organizations

Building and accompanying growth plans: recruitment, accompanying managers in the first position, establishing teams and establishing positive communication for growth.​


Accompanying and examining significant change processes in the organization: downsizing, globalization, acquisitions, mergers and more.​

Consulting & mentoring for senior management,

Consulting and mentoring for senior management, organization and rethinking alongside dynamic changes in the economy.​

Business Consulting

your partner in business development

Throughout my career, I discovered how lonely the role of CEO is and requires a listening ear for joint thinking and brainstorming.

Since the establishment of HRHome, I have accompanied CEOs and senior management in thinking about the right way to deal with many issues with managers, employees, investors and other interfaces.

The partnership with organizations at different stages brings a broad perspective that enables change to be led along with adherence to the plan and business goals.

My extensive experience with companies of various types and at various stages, such as post-seed startups, small and medium-sized companies to large global corporations, from accompanying the establishment of companies to the development of strong infrastructures, Innov-HR equips entrepreneurs with the tools for success in today's competitive landscape.

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"A pleasure to work with"

I highly recommend Limor and her team for any contract opportunity. Limor excels in interpersonal skills, innovative problem-solving, and unwavering dedication. Her proactive approach, deep understanding of project requirements, and commitment to staying updated with industry trends make her an invaluable contractor. Limor consistently delivers high-quality work, meets deadlines, and communicates effectively. I confident Limor and her team will bring immense value to your organization. Feel free to contact me for more information.
Edi Kadashev
CIO @ Nuvei
A pleasure to work with, HR HOME & E2E Team excels in effective recruitment and talent management. Their exemplary collaboration, professionalism, and up-to-date expertise in HR and recruitment ensure successful hires. Partner with them for comprehensive solutions, from sourcing tools to hiring, outsourcing, and expert advice throughout the process.
Haim Ezra
TL & POC Clients @ Qualcomm

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