Managed Services-
HR and Recruitment

Business vision and strategic partnership

Establishing a HR departmen

Characterization of processes, trainings, workshops up to ongoing management according to the need and size of the organization.

Establishing a recruitment department

Building a recruitment process in the organization, implementing a recruitment system, a practical recruitment workshops.

HR strategy

Building a human resources strategy plan and accompanying the implementation processes

Head Hunting & recruitment

Management of targeted recruitment processes using end-to-end AI tools

Feedback calls and performance survey

Implementation of effective feedback conversation methodologies, which enable learning and development of the organization

Internal organizational communication

Workshops and support to create beneficial intra-organizational communication between the employees, the management and the organization

Building a personal and welfare plan

Building a professional annual plan that includes goals, objectives and success indicators until implementation.

Consulting for managers

Consulting and accompanying intermediate levels and senior management in the world of HR, labor laws, methodologies and employee management.

A holistic and professional shell

HR Business Partner

HR HOME excels in building HR infrastructures for organizations. We provide customized processes, strategic support, and a deep business understanding, tailoring our services to each company's unique needs.

Real people working for you

The HRHome advantage

TA & Sourcing Services

Full support for organizations in filling open positions, including customized job descriptions, candidate search, interviews and end-to-end recruitment process management.

HR Business Partner- Management Services

End-to-end support in managed HR services: work plan development, employer branding initiatives, employee engagement strategies, training and workshops, ongoing support in human resource management within the organization.

HR Admin- Administrative Management Services

Professional administrative management that includes, among others: schedule management, payroll preparation, accounting support, purchasing services, employee service and operational support.

Employee Welfare Manager

Professional management of employee welfare: designing welfare programs to increase employee satisfaction and involvement, organizing OD events, gifts, benefits and milestone celebrations for employees.

That's how it is when you work from the heart

"Highly experianced HR professional"

Throughout the journey, I have learned to appreciate the clear benefits they bring me as a VP of HR. Above all, their professionalism, shared thinking, and consultation with a knowledgeable industry expert create a genuine partnership aimed at succeeding together. Thank you for the shared path, and here's to many more shared journeys.
Nelly Vilk
VP People @ Otorio
Limor is a great asset for any organization! Highly experienced HR professional, team player and team-work promoter, in-tune with the company's needs. delivers results, both soft and measureable. Out of the box thinker, a leader and an entrepenuer. I work closely with Limor for a couple of years now and learned to consult with her and trust her abilities. As mentioned, an asset!
Zvika Klier

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