HRHome was chosen to lead the recruitment activity at NVIDIA

We are happy to announce that HRHome has been chosen to lead the expansion of the sourcing activity and accompanying the candidate experience at NVIDIA!

Nvidia is one of the largest technology companies in the world, which in recent years ignited the artificial intelligence revolution affecting a variety of industries: from gaming, through autonomous vehicles, robotics, medicine, Generative AI and more.

These days, Nvidia is expanding its operations in Israel with hundreds of new jobs, and we will be there to accompany the processes of locating candidates and recruiting them to the company accurately and efficiently.

A human resources house, HRHome, was founded by Limor Aloni Sharaf and is a professional house in the fields of human resources and recruitment for technological clients.
"I believe that success with our clients begins with a strategic business partnership, especially when the market trends point to the need for a flexible, professional and valuable solution and at the same time an anchor for the staff being recruited. This is exactly our service at HRHome."

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