In-house expertise

For the small to mid-sized business with little or no in-house HR expertise, we become your outsourced HR department – the way that suits best for the company either on call basis or via regularly scheduled on and off-site arrangement. For the HR department in need of an Hourly resource we provide HR consulting on an hourly basis in order to assist with any and all HR related projects and tasks. 
Our services prove to be both economical and well within reach businesses of all sizes and varying timelines. 

We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Albert Einstein 
companies and people must evolve their thinking and try new paths if they are to survive and grow. 

Finding the best candidates never been as tough as it is today

HR HOME is the right answer for you to find the new and the most innovative ways to recruit the candidate that will bring you the next best thing. We use the most advanced methods to do so. We think together with you what is the best way to do it and it happens at the most wonderful way

Recruitment Management Services

Our specialized team of recruitment experts deliver the top talent your firm needs to fill open positions within your organization. Our hourly rate model translates to a saving of 50%-80% when compared to the flat fees charged by traditional head-hunters and agencies
HR HOME clients range goes from enterprise companies to small businesses and we provide each the highest available standard of service, quality and commitment in the industry.
 HR HOME Recruiters have the real-world experience to identify the right people for your needs, regardless if the need is non-manager professional or a senior C-Level Executive.
We help organizations locate and hire the most skilled individuals, who can make the most positive impact on your organization, your goals and your objectives overall

Company Profile

At HR HOME we are well known by our clients as providers of excellence.

HR HOME integrated team approach and its “full-service/one-stop source” philosophy is what makes us unique. We are committed to working in collaboration with like-minded human resources management and business specialists who share our values to give you, the client, more than you expect! Our involvement can start with recruiting including managing the whole procedure until the contract and following the new employee integration as well as all the stages in between. Our hr experts can handle any issue up to and including hiring as out-sourcing employment HR consulting and to assimilate at your company for any HR roll.

Outsourcing Services

In this fast-growing world fast solution is needed. Our customers can rely on us, HR HOME as the expert partner for hiring outsourcing employees. We are here to help with all the services surrounding the employment from A-Z: labor law, recruitment,. management coach, compensation,  benefits and consultancy. We are the partner that gives you the peace of mind knowing that your outsourced employees treat in a professional and efficient manner.
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alignment with business goals

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programs, services and training that fit your culture and budget

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solutions that are client centered

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and identifying your unique needs and challenges


collaboratively partners with you to build develop and strengthen your team by

Many top-notch candidates that you may prefer are not looking for other opportunities. HR HOME has the experience to recruit these passive individuals for you, thus resulting in increased profitability for your organization. Our recruitment approach is far more comprehensive and helps us tap into hidden pools of talent that would escape our competitors. We employ a vast set of resources, methods and strategies for sourcing the best individuals in the marketplace. Our comprehensive resources include a large in-house database of thousands of senior professionals, a large external network of referrals, access to a variety of resume databases and internet based recruiting sites, ethical direct recruiting practices and more. These methods allow us to deliver on any mandate quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable rate. 
HR HOME clients come from a variety of industries, including: The Software Development, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare/ Biotech and Business areas complemented by an in depth understanding of the complexities involved in the hiring process. These clients count on us to deliver the best Full-Time talent.

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